Hi and thanks for stopping by. I’m a certified holistic health coach specializing in type 2 diabetes and natural blood sugar control. I’m also a former type 2 diabetic.

My type 2 diabetes diagnosis was a tough pill to swallow. Not just because it's a serious disease but also because I felt like I should have prevented it from happening.

I battled extra weight since I was a kid and while I wrestled it under control several times, it always crept back on. Over time, staying on top of it became even more difficult with a naturally slowing metabolism and an intense corporate career.

“I wasn’t just dealing with a ‘gut’ and tight fitting clothes anymore. I now had a disease known to lop 10 years from life expectancy. Ouch.”


Eventually I was obese with metabolic syndrome and from there prediabetic and ultimately a type 2 diabetic. I wasn’t just dealing with a “gut” and tight fitting clothes any more. Now I had a disease known to lop 10 years from life expectancy. Ouch. How did I let that happen?!

And beyond the diagnosis my energy was also zapped. It wasn’t as easy to participate in the outdoor activities I love so much or keep up with the kids in my life. I wasn’t as sharp mentally. I didn’t look as fresh and fit as I had a few years back. And my mojo was a bit snuffed. So much of it I had previously attributed to just adding some years.


It concerned me that I was never able to nail my weight and it had now progressed to this. As a professional researcher since college, I was skilled at “getting to the bottom” of any situation. And it stumped me that I couldn’t on this one. Clearly, I was missing something and I was determined to figure it out.

With conflicting perspectives on the topic I realized it was up to me to play general manager with my health. So I partnered with my doctor and nutrition coach--and leveraged my research skills to get the facts and set a plan in motion.

The goal was to reverse my diabetes without pharmaceuticals and of course I gained my doctor’s alignment before proceeding. I wasn’t ready to go the pharmaceutical route just yet, which came with a whole other set of other health issues, in some cases worse than type 2 diabetes itself.

When I got in touch with all of the information, a very different picture emerged as to what drove the situation--and also what seemed most sensible as a solution. With careful planning and a lot of dedication I reversed my type 2 diabetes in under a year. Ironically, many of other issues I had “accumulated” along the way also reversed. From extra weight to low energy to other signs of metabolic syndrome.

As I sifted through it all, 3 things stood out:


No one just eats their way to type 2 diabetes

A metabolism that cannot handle sugar levels in today’s “standard diet” triggers a downward spiral that often begins with weight gain. While I always focused on weight, it wasn’t until I addressed the underlying metabolic issue that I began to make sustainable progress.


An holistic approach works best

While directly managing blood sugar levels via diet and exercise is the foundation of any solid plan, other factors are also critical including stress management, sleep quality and mindfulness. Once I layered in these elements my progress accelerated notably.


Bio-individuality is key.

Blood sugar metabolism is a complex process and many things can impact it. As such, you must understand the specifics of your situation. What works for others may not for you. Once I started paying closer attention to what I was eating and doing and how it was impacting my blood sugar, I identified additional missing links that further tightened my control.

Beyond the chemistry of blood sugar, I also tapped into my love of the outdoors from an active childhood spent at the beach. And for whatever the reason, I always gravitated to healthier food options and was always intrigued by what was available in the local health food store. Less processed and closer to a natural state has always appealed to me in most things.

I felt so strongly about what I learned and the importance of taking an active role in one’s health that I decided to make it official and get certified as a coach so I could help others. Beyond my coach certification, I continue to pursue additional education and training to keep on top of the latest developments and broaden the scope of my holistic approach.