I’m a holistic nutrition coach specializing in type 2 diabetes and natural blood sugar control. When the situation is addressed at its root via the right orientation to food, exercise and mindfulness, your blood sugar will be better controlled for the long haul. You’ll also feel and look a lot better than you have in a while.

At the age of 48 I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. In just under a year I was diabetes free without the use of pharmaceuticals. I can help you do the same.

Your energy metabolism system is the powerplant for everything else your body does. It impacts your blood sugar, weight, energy level, libido and mood.

When you commit to making changes in your life not only will your blood sugar normalize but so will much of the baggage accumulated on the way to type 2 diabetes; you’ll lose weight, gain energy, have more libido and be generally more engaged in life.


As a one-on-one coach, I’ll direct you to the information you need to make the necessary shifts a reality. It requires commitment and there will be challenges, but I’ll be there all along the way to help you get on track and course correct as necessary.

I’m excited for you to take the first step in controlling your blood sugar to dial up you overall quality of life.


Get Informed

Get the facts you need to develop a personalized, sustainable plan that works for you.

Take Action

Set your plan in motion, monitor your progress and start reaping the benefits immediately.

Get Lasting Results

Course correct as necessary and take it to the next level.

As a public speaker, I’m also available for informative, interactive group sessions that encourage participants to take a more informed and active role in managing their blood sugar, regardless of their situation.



"Phillip directed me to the information I needed to better understand my type 2 diabetes and make smart lifestyle and treatment choices. Best of all, I lowered my blood sugar enough that my doctor discontinued my prescription regimen. I’ve also lost weight and gained a ton of energy. I feel 10 years younger than I did a year ago."

— JC, Cliffside Park, NJ